What you need

You will need ClearView 4.22 or later installed in order to convert FMS (or .X) models, at the time of writing ClearView is up to version 4.35. You don't need to have FMS installed on your computer but sometimes it can be helpful to check that a model looks as you want it to before trying to convert it. Once you start the conversion process it can also be useful to take a look at how it is supposed to appear.

You will also require AC3D. This can be obtained from http://www.ac3d.org An image conversion program to change bitmaps (bmp files) into JPG files. Paint that is built into MS XP can do this though you may want something more sophisticated if you want to modify the paint schemes yourself.

What you need
Preparing to convert
The import
Tidying up the import
Sorting out textures
Adding control/collision points
Engine Sounds
Adding control surfaces and props