Step 8 - Packaging

Before packing the model for distribution it is necessary to complete two further files. As mentioned earlier, copy the 'params.txt' to 'params.txt.bkp'. This is a backup file so that a user can default the parameters back to their original values if they have been changed too far.

The second step is to complete a readme file. What you put into this file is entirely up to you but it should contain at least you contact details so that anyone wishing to make use of your work will be able to ask permission.

As an example the readme.txt for my distribution of the Decathlon is contained below.

Watt Age Decathlon EP ARF This Model was converted from an FMS model by Mark Glennon using AC3D and is freely distributed. Please feel free to modify as you wish using AC3D. If you modify and make it fly more realistically, feel free to contact me via email, as I would love to see improved versions created for ClearView RC Simulator, particularly an accurate flight model. I can then update the distribution to make the flight model more realistic for everyone.

To install, simply extract the file and put the folder under the models in the ClearView RC Simulator. The next time you run ClearView, it will appear under the Airplane selections.

Mark Glennon

The original FMS model was created by Gary Gunnerson and the original readme is below.


Model: Watt-Age Decathlon EP ARF (yellow)
Created: June 2005

Notes: The Watt-Age Decathlon EP ARF airplane is an almost ready-to-fly scale looking airplane. The Decathlon comes with an all wood built-up wing construction and real iron-on covering. It comes with all the ancillary hardware horns, rods, gear, etc. but you'll need to add a complete flight pack, motor, batts, servos, ESC and receiver.

Wing Span: 28.75 in / 730mm
Overall Length: 24.25 in / 616mm
Flying Weight: 16.2 oz / 460g
Motor Size: 370 power with gearbox required
Radio: Proportional 4-channel required A/R/E/T
Servos: 3 micro servos required
Battery: 8-cell 9.6V 800mAh Ni-MH required

If there are any Watt-Age Decathlon owners out there, please try the model with FMS and let me know how it flies compared to the real thing.

-- Gary

To distribute the file create a zip file containing the contents of the w-decathlon directory including the sub-directories. If you are using a compression application to create the zip file ensure that it retains the directory structure.

If you are using Windows XP, it has the ability to create Zip files. The w-decathlon directory can then just be dragged and dropped into the zip.

Finally ensure that the zip file has a meaningful name to make it easier to distinguish when you have lots stored on the PC.

The END.

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