Step 5 - Params.txt

Discussion of params.txt values is an advanced topic. However, there are two critical parameters that must be correctly set for ClearView to fly the model successfully.

Params.txt can be found in the SVKSystems/ClearView/models/w decathlon directory and can be edited with any plain text editor. Alternatively they can be edited by selecting 'Advanced Model Setup' from the settings menu once the aircraft has been selected.

The parameters that must be set are:

If the model is a tail dragger then set the tailDrager value to 1.0 if not set it to 0.0 modelName is set to the AC3D filename of the model. This should be the filename only and not include any directory information. By default ClearView will call this for an imported aircraft but this can be changed if required.

After you have finished editing params.txt to your satisfaction create a copy called params.txt.bkp and store it in the same directory as the original. This file is used if the user chooses default in the Advanced Model Setup panel. ClearView will overwrite the params.txt with the values stored in the .bkp file.

The model should now be flyable and look as expected in ClearView. At this stage it will not have a moving propeller or control surfaces. If the model does not fly as expected then refer to the discussion on params.txt for help in adjusting flight parameters.

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