User Created Flying Fields

ClearView uses high quality photo real flying fields with advanced 3d collision detection. Registered ClearView customers can download and install additional flying fields or create their own flying field and import it in ClearView.

Free "add on" flying fields:
Hidden Mountain
Hidden Mountain Lake (needs Hidden Mountain installed)
Central Valley
Cabo HD
Halcones HD
Oaxaca HD
Osage Park Winter
Osage Park Winter HD
Primavera HD
Tangamanga SLP
Tangamanga SLP HD

Note1: - Flying fields ending with HD are High Definition and may require newer and better video card to load. The load time may be slower, however the image quality is higher. Use on monitors with HD resolution and up.

Note2: - To install the flying fields posted on this page, download each zip file and extract its content under "c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\landscapes" folder. Restart ClearView for changes to take effect.

Many ClearView customers create their own sceneries using ac3d and the open scenery format for ClearView. If you want your sceneries hosted here, please contact us using the support e-mail.

Luke created these "pure 3d" sceneries:

Clear View Pond

Lukes Field

Lukes Field With Pool

Profanicus from ClearView forum created this very complex scene. The scene demonstrates ClearView capabilities for scenes with fully interactive/fly behind objects:

Phoenixville Refinery

ClearView user Zsolt sent us this sceneries:

Glen Evans created the flying field of Gold Country Fliers club (Jackson, California):
Gold Country Fliers

You can import your own flying field in ClearView! The photorealistic virtual environment in ClearView is based on common 360x180 degree panorama format. Using digital camera you can take pictures from your flying site and use one of many comercial packages to stitch your digital pictures into complete spherical (sometime called 360x180 or equirectangular) panorama. These panorama files have aspect ratio of 2:1, corresponding to the ratio of 360 degree of horizontal field of vew to 180 degree of vertical field of view. As example, panorama file can have 8160 by 4080 pixels resolution and indeed the aspect ratio is 2:1. Some other simulators use the same panorama format, but cut the lower portion of the panorama, so the same panorama in their format will have resolution of 8160x3060, where the bottom 1020 rows will be simply cut. The missing part is actually the view under the pilot so it is not really important. ClearView can use both 2:1 and 8160:3060 formats. All user-developed panoramas on the Internet that are in the 2:1 aspect ratio or in 8160x3060 size are drop in compatible with ClearView. You can add full collision detection to any flying field. Just read this document for details:
Create collision objects in RC sceneries