In Absolute RC Import screen type this:
and you will get 3 free custom models!

Absolute RC Simulator User Content

You can create and share your own Absolute RC models, or you can use hundreds free ClearView models created by others by using this import feature of the simulator. Please visit our forum for more information and help.

Absolute RC Simulator - How To Import User Created Models

Absolute RC simulator can import user created models as individual zip downloads, or as list (.lst) file download. The list file download allows you to import multiple models in one step and is preffered way to instantly use many ClearView models available on the Internet. Here is the format for the list file:

1. List file can contain many lines, each line imports one model.
2. Each line consist of model zip url and model fligh physics mapping separated by space.
3. Thed zip url points to zip file containing a ClearView model.
4. The fligh physics mapping element maps the model flight behavior to a stock Absolute RC model. The imported model will fly exactly as the stock model reffered by the mapping element.

Absolute RC simulator models use the same format as ClearView models. ClearView is very popular and widely used flight simulator on PC that has well proven high fidelity flight physics and open model format. ClearView users have created hundreds of ClearView models that they share for the benefit or our RC comunity. To learn how to create and use custom models, you need to look at the example list file. Use the list file to download to your PC the corresponding models zip files for further study. To see the example list file, load the list file URL in your browser. You will see this: $PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsAgriDuck

The file list 3 models in this example. The first model use stock flight model ($PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsAgriDuck) and the others define their own flight model.

Here are all stock model mappings that you can use:

$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsAdvantage
$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsAileronTrainer
$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsCesnaSkyline
$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsDecathlon
$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsPiperCub
$PlaneHiWingDhD01 paramsSkySurfer

$PlaneMidWingD01 paramsA10
$PlaneMidWingD01 paramsF15
$PlaneMidWingD01 paramsF16
$PlaneMidWingD01 paramsT33

$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsA380
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsAgriDuck
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsAquila
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsAT6
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsB25
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsF4UCorsair
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsMesserschmitt
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsMosquito
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsP38
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsP51Mustang
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsSpitfire
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsStuka
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsTunderbolt
$PlaneMidWingDhD01 paramsWarhawk

$Heli3D100D02 paramsSuper3D

List files allow to easily re-use ClearView models and create list packs of ClearView models for one step import by Absolute RC. The mapping element is optional - if missing, the model flight behavior is defined in params.txt file for the model.

Advanced users: Model designers section

Absolute RC Simulator uses the same model format as ClearView, so models for Absolute RC are created exactly as the models for ClearView as described here

ClearView uses ODE physics engine and Absolute RC uses NVidia Physx physics engine. Since these are two different physics engines, there will be suttle (or not so suttle) difference in model behavior. For that reason, some of the parameters in params.txt have to be tunned to different values. Therefore, if we want to have the same plane for ClearView and for Absolute RC, we will need 2 different zip files. They will be identicall in all content, but some parameters in params.txt will be different.

There are 3 different ways to create and import Absolute RC model:

Hard way #1:
Create a new model for Absloute RC from scratch - you create it as described in ClearView manual, but tune it so it flies well in Absolute RC. This will be Absolute RC model and may not fly as intended in ClearView.

Skill level: Expert model developer, Expert RC flier Time required: 1 week

Hard Way #2:
Use existing ClearView model - copy the model, then tune it for Absolute RC by changing parameters in params.txt file. You end up with two visually identical models - one for importing in ClearView and one for Absolute RC.

Skill level: Expert RC flier Time required: 1-2 days

Fast and Easy Way:
Create .lst file and import it into Absolute RC. The .lst file lists a number of ClearView models as zip files and maps each model flight behaviour to one of the 40 stock Absolute RC models.

Skill level: Every one can do it Time required: 10 min to 1 hr.