Full Version Download

This is ClearView Full Version that can be installed on computers not connected to the Internet. Please follow the installation instructions in red bellow.

Download ClearView RC Full Version

Specially designed to work in all modern Windows versioins.


- Download the ClearView using the link above and save to a known folder, then copy to a memory stick or burn on a CD.
- On the target computer, copy ClearViewSetupNNN.exe (NNN is the version number) from the memory stick to a known folder.
- Navigate to c:\ClearViewRC and delete clearview folder.
- Uninstall (if installed) ClearView using Windows Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs in XP).
- Install ClearView by runnining ClearViewSetupNNN.exe.
- Start ClearView, the program will remain activated.

Adding third party ClearView models:

- Download the model and extract it in known folder. Copy the model folder under c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\models and restart ClearView.

Adding third party ClearView landscapes:

- Download the landscape and extract it in known folder. Copy the landscape folder under c:\ClearViewRC\clearview\landscapes and restart ClearView.

Please make sure that you set up and calibrate your controller before attempting to fly.

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