Installing ClearView for the first time

Installing a new version

Re-Installing your  third party models

Starting ClearView for first time

Setting up the controller

Supported controllers

Controller Options to Explore

You already have RC Radio Transmitter

You do not have RC Radio Transmitter

Testing and calibrating USB cable or game controller

Setting Com parameters for PIC Serial cable

Setting Up Your Controller in ClearView

Common controller problems

Keyboard Controls

Activate and maintain your ClearView license

Load Sceneries and models

Import Scenery

Create Your Own Flying Site in ClearView

Scenery adjustments

Import FMS Models

Import third party ClearView models

Flight Recorder

Model Setup

Plane Model Parameter Definitions

Camera and Zoom Setup

Smoke and sound setup

Servo Setup

Training and Magic Time scale setup

Weather Setup

Fly together over the Internet -  multi-player setup